Innovating for Impact with Jessica Karr

Welcome the #WomenGetFunded Show! We are dedicated to empowering women founders to shatter barriers of growth and funding for their businesses. Thank you for joining us today as we illuminate the path to unlocking opportunities and prosperity for women-led enterprises.


  • VENTURE CAPITAL WITH A VISION: Dive into Jessica Karr’s journey from Impossible Foods scientist to a leading venture capitalist focused on women’s health.
  • PIONEERING PROGRESS IN WOMEN’S HEALTH: Explore how Jessica’s investments are breaking new ground in underrepresented health sectors and creating societal change.
  • MASTERING THE ART OF STORYTELLING IN FUNDING: Gain crucial insights on how effective storytelling can open doors for female founders in the venture capital world.
  • INVESTING WITH IMPACT: Discover Jessica’s strategic approach to empowering startups that drive significant social and health improvements.
  • OVERCOMING FUNDING BARRIERS FOR WOMEN: Tackle the unique funding challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and learn strategies to navigate the venture capital landscape.
  • INSPIRATION BEHIND COYOTE VENTURES: Find out how Women Who Run With the Wolves shaped the vision and mission of Coyote Ventures in supporting groundbreaking women’s health initiatives.
  • REVOLUTIONIZING MATERNAL HEALTH: Learn about Malama Health’s innovative solutions that are dramatically reducing preterm births and reshaping maternal care.
  • TRANSFORMING BEREAVEMENT CARE: Unveil the mission and unique value of BetterLeave in addressing the critical, underserved need for comprehensive grief support.
  • ADVANCING ENDOMETRIOSIS CARE WITH HERA: Dive into the advancements HERA is making in endometriosis care through pioneering diagnostics and therapeutic solutions.
  • CULTIVATING A FEMALE-FOCUSED INVESTMENT ECOSYSTEM: Understand the crucial role of female-led venture funds and collaborative networks in supporting and scaling women-led startups.




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