Innovative Solutions Shaping a Better Tomorrow – Carmen Palafox

Welcome the #WomenGetFunded Show! We are dedicated to empowering women founders to shatter barriers of growth and funding for their businesses. Thank you for joining us today as we illuminate the path to unlocking opportunities and prosperity for women-led enterprises.

Today, we have a very special guest for you!  My friend, Carmen Palafox of 2045 Ventures.


  • MEET CARMEN PALAFOX, A VC TRAILBLAZER: Discover Carmen’s remarkable journey in finance and venture capital and what led her to founding Mila Capital and 2045 Ventures.
  • BOOKS THAT INSPIRE TRANSFORMATION: Learn about the books that have profoundly influenced Carmen’s journey and how “Led by Faith” (by Immaculee Ilibagiza) and “Embrace the Power of You” (by Tricia Montalvo Timm) can inspire your own transformation.
  • FOLLOW CARMEN’S PATH TO VENTURE CAPITAL: Explore the journey of Carmen from public equity to VC, and how she’s driving change with Mila Capital and 2045 Ventures.
  • INSIDE THE MIND OF A VENTURE INVESTOR: Understand what investors like Carmen look for in startups, from market potential to innovative technology and talented teams.
  • HOW TO IMPRESS EARLY-STAGE INVESTORS: Get actionable tips from Carmen and Coco on how early-stage founders can attract investment by showcasing market opportunity and customer traction.
  • EXPLORE FEMALE-LED TECH COMPANIES: Discover how female-led firms like Mimoto and Chantico Technologies are breaking new ground in cybersecurity and financial services.
  • EMPOWERING WOMEN THROUGH NETWORKING: Join the conversation on the power of networking, women’s empowerment, and the exciting events Coco and Carmen have in store.
  • CARMEN’S INSIGHTFUL INVESTMENT CRITERIA: Gain valuable insights into Carmen’s criteria for investing in startups, including superior technology and the strength of founding teams.
  • WOMEN FOUNDERS IN CYBERSECURITY AND FINANCE: Learn about the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women founders like Chris Bondi and Gina Sanchez in tech and finance.


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