Revolutionizing Customer Experience with Ania Rodriguez

Welcome the #WomenGetFunded Show! We are dedicated to empowering women founders to shatter barriers of growth and funding for their businesses. Thank you for joining us today as we illuminate the path to unlocking opportunities and prosperity for women-led enterprises.

Today, we have a very special guest for you!  Ania Rodriguez, the founder and CEO of JourneyTrack. Ania is a luminary in user experience, leading the way in shaping digital landscapes for Fortune 500 companies worldwide.


  • OVERCOMING EARLY HURDLES: Explore Ania Rodriguez’s inspiring journey from humble beginnings in South Florida to becoming a successful entrepreneur, overcoming significant challenges along the way.
  • MASTERING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Learn how Ania leverages customer journey mapping and centricity to continuously improve and adapt customer experiences for business growth.
  • TRAVEL INSIGHTS REIMAGINED: Dive into Ania’s approach to enhancing the travel experience in Miami, emphasizing inspiring content at every stage of the journey.
  • PERSONALIZING CUSTOMER CONNECTIONS: Explore how Ania personalizes customer interactions and aligns team perspectives to create genuine, individualized customer experiences.
  • STRATEGIC STARTUP FOCUS: Gain insights into the importance of focusing on specific target customers in the early stages of a business for strategic growth and market success.
  • CHALLENGES OF FEMALE FUNDING: Hear Ania candidly share her experiences and unique challenges as a female founder navigating the world of venture capital.
  • BUILDING BRIDGES IN BUSINESS: Learn about the support mechanisms that Coco and Ania discuss, focusing on creating introductions and fostering leads within the enterprise space and European corporations.
  • INSPIRATIONAL INFLUENCE OF MAYA ANGELOU: Get inspired by how Maya Angelou’s empowering words have influenced Ania’s life and professional ethos, driving her advocacy and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • THE SCIENCE BEHIND SATISFACTION: Unpack Ania’s techniques for measuring visitor satisfaction and revenue generation, crucial for crafting a successful visitor experience from pre-booking to post-arrival.
  • LAUNCHING INTO NEW MARKETS: Discover Ania’s strategic insights into expanding internationally, with a focus on third-party validation and building a robust senior leadership team to spearhead growth.


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