Strategies for Sustained Growth and Loyalty with Mary Ann Bianco

Welcome the #WomenGetFunded Show! We are dedicated to empowering women founders to shatter barriers of growth and funding for their businesses. Thank you for joining us today as we illuminate the path to unlocking opportunities and prosperity for women-led enterprises.

Today, we have a very special guest for you!  

Mary Ann Bianco stands out as a seasoned SaaS revenue leader and visionary in enterprise B2B environments, digital transformation, and customer success. With over two decades of experience, including significant roles at Oracle and leadership positions in innovative tech companies, she brings a rich history of enhancing customer engagement and driving growth through AI and machine learning. As a Fractional CCO and Board Director, Mary Ann is revered for her strategic acumen in developing long-term, profitable relationships with C-level executives at Fortune 100 companies.


  • UNLEASH YOUR INNER COURAGE: Discover powerful insights on courage for women leaders with Mary Ann Bianco, inspired by authors like Brene Brown and Cindy Solomon.
  • CORPORATE TO STARTUP MASTERY: Explore Mary Ann’s journey from global corporations to the startup ecosystem, revealing her secrets to managing customer relationships and generating revenue.
  • HARNESSING DATA FOR SUCCESS: Dive into how strategic data analysis is crucial for fostering growth and optimizing customer success in early-stage companies.
  • REVOLUTIONIZE WITH AI: Learn from Mary Ann how AI and machine learning can transform customer engagement and propel SaaS application growth.
  • OPTIMIZING BUSINESS PROCESSES: Gain insights into Mary Ann’s collaboration with Swarm Vision, where she enhances efficiency and connectivity across teams.
  • CULTIVATING STARTUP CULTURE: Understand the dynamics of startup environments and how nurturing a supportive culture can accelerate business success.
  • MASTERING CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Join Mary Ann as she delves into effective customer success management strategies for ensuring product adoption and client expansion.
  • STRATEGIES FOR SELLING TO THE BIG LEAGUES: Discover Mary Ann’s approach to navigating complex sales processes and building enduring relationships with Fortune 1000 companies.


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