A Force For Good

Our Story

A Force for Good was originally supposed to be a modus operandi for herself. Founder Coco Sellman wanted to articulate and codify the many lessons she learned after founding five businesses and investing in several more, but soon she realized the tranche of tools and resources she was developing could benefit others.

Coming up for air after merging her healthcare company, Allumé Home Care, with another organization, All Pointe HomeCare, she took time to step back and reflect. The result led her to write a book, develop a series of business tools, and launch A Force for Good. “I knew other founders would be able to quickly use these tools and methods to enrich their businesses,” said Coco.

A Force for Good is a hub for women founders providing an elevated model of leading and growing visionary companies.  We help founders and teams unlock the puzzle of planning, propelling, and funding growth.  We know that with the right knowledge, sequential focus, and strategic action, any business can discover the path to exponential growth and prosperity.  

A Force for Good is the growing culmination of more than 20 years spent focusing on the marriage of impact and purpose with capitalism. A Force for Good aims to leave a breadcrumb trail of tools and resources for purpose-led founders to further their success, actualize their visions, and make the world better.

Our Core Purpose is to
make the world better through
women-led business.

Core Values

Be Wise.
Wisdom holds the answer to everything.
Be Transformative.

Heal and elevate ourselves and the world around us.

Be of Highest & Best Use.

Do what is most impactful today, this week, this lifetime.



Our vision is a world where business is elevated by the wisdom of women.  In turn, business claims its essential role in elevating society. 

  • We see the shape of business evolving for the better, where just as many women as men found and lead the Microsoft’s, Tesla’s, Pfizer’s, and Proctor & Gamble’s.
  • We see the products and services influenced by the perspective of women and underrepresented voices, bringing new opportunities and prosperity for a much broader base of society.
  • A Force for Good exists to empower women-led business to claim its essential role of elevating society by creating cultures and solutions that inspire collaboration, enrich humanity, and solve the challenges of society and the world.

2034 Impact Goal


As of January 2024, only 2% of venture funding goes to women-led companies, and only 2% grow to $1M in annual revenues, despite women owning more than 50% of all businesses. 

We are focused on helping women founders overcome these two hurdles. As they do, the opportunities to scale to $3M, $20M, $100M, $1B and beyond becomes possible.  With scale comes impact and influence to make the world better.

Thus our goals for 2034:

  • Empower 100+ women founders to receive VC funding through our programs, community, and services.
  • Empower 1000 women-led companies to grow to $1M+ in annual revenues and beyond.


Coco Sellman

A Force for Good Founder


Since 1998, Coco has been on a mission to align business purpose with profit. As a serial entrepreneur and a consultant to founders, Coco has built and supported hundreds of businesses.

Most recently, Coco was the founder of Allumé Home Care, a home health company serving medically fragile children and adults. Allumé merged with All Pointe Care in 2021, creating the second-largest provider of in-home pediatric nursing in the state of Connecticut; Coco now sits on the board. She is also a member of 37 Angels and is a Founder Institute Mentor. In the past Coco founded WorldChangingBusiness and The Trust Leadership Institute; she co-founded Zoe Collection and Three Bees Chocolates.

Over the course of her career Coco has worked with hundreds of founders to grow successful, sustainable businesses that give back. She has also served on several nonprofit boards including the Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home, Worldwide Orphans, the Oliver Wolcott Library, Washington Montessori School, and Standing Tall.