The Force for Good System

The Force for Good System is an elevated model of leading companies and organizations in building both positive impact and sustainable prosperity.

What Is the Force for Good System?


The Force for Good System helps founders and leaders align and accelerate impact, scale and profit.

FFG Founders are leaders of purpose-led businesses and organizations who long to grow dramatically in order to fulfill the purpose and impact they champion. The system applies to companies whether they are:

  • Service- or product-based
  • Retail or virtual
  • Business to business or business to consumer
  • For profit or nonprofit

What unifies organizations that benefit most from our system is that they have a unique purpose and vision that drives their success.

Who Do We Serve?

How Can the Force for Good System Help You?





The System empowers companies at any stage to experience the next level of breakthrough results. Exactly how the Force for Good system is implemented depends on which of the 4 stages your business is in—Existence, Survival, Scaling or Impact.

To learn more and identify which stage your business is in, click the plus icon on each stage.

How Does the Force for Good System Work?

The Force for Good System empowers everyone in the organization to bring their brilliance, innovation, and action to work on behalf of the business by ensuring that every team member knows the core essentials of the business:


Your Purpose


Who You Serve


Your Impact Plan


Your Highest & Best Use

First, Build the Transformational Flywheel

To reach the core essentials, companies must define the 34 Elements that make up the Transformational Flywheel. Defining these elements creates clarity and alignment for everyone on your team so that all can serve the same purpose and goals.

Defining each of these important elements will create immediate breakthroughs in how your team operates and prepare you to take the next step toward growing your business.

Second, Spin the Transformational Flywheel

To spin the flywheel, implement the Six Rituals, each of which has a unique purpose and agenda. These regular rituals build momentum for the company, creating perpetual cycles of innovation, acknowledgment, connection, and celebration that lead to actualized breakthroughs.

  1. Annual Retreats
  2. Quarterly Reviews
  3. Monthly Dashboards
  4. Weekly Most Important Goal Sessions
  5. Daily Huddles
  6. Town Halls

Third, Be a Force for Good

The final step focuses on “who you are being” and requires three core commitments:

  1. Be Wise
  2. Be Transformative
  3. Be Of Highest and Best Use

In the Force for Good book and the Business Accelerator, there are specific exercises and rituals you and your team can use to embody these three profound personal commitments.

How Was the
Force for Good System Built?

Coco Sellman, our founder, began creating this system in 2003 when she launched her third company, WorldChangingBusiness. That program was further codified and developed into the Force for Good System; since then Coco has trained hundreds of business owners to use these methods, while also using them in her own entrepreneurial journey over the last 25 years.

The system will continue to evolve and grow. It is presented here for you to utilize and share with anyone you feel might find value.

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