12-Week Virtual Acceleration Sprint
7 Monthly Mini Accelerators


For Women Founders & Their Teams



Our Business Accelerator is designed for purpose-led women founders who want to exponentially grow and fund their early stage business.

We know exponential growth is a puzzle.

We help you build and execute a Growth Plan to help grow your high-impact business.

We know funding exponential growth is challenging.

We help you first explore the many options for funding and create a Funding Plan to fully scale your company. 

Next, we help you create your Pitch Deck

Finally, when you’re ready, we introduce you to investors.

We know it is uniquely challenging for women-led, early stage businesses to attract the talent they need to break through and succeed.

We surround you with a community of C-suite executives, experienced founders, and experts in entrepreneureal success to help build an Advisory Board empowering you harness world-class talent without breaking the bank.

The Force for Good Business Accelerator surrounds women founders and their teams with access to the knowledge, experience, opportunities, and funding needed to propel business forward.

The Accelerator offers access to what early-stage companies need most:

Plan Growth

We offer a structured process to help you implement a strong foundation for your business.  

Using the Force for Good Business Operating System you will design a transformational flywheel for your business.

Propel Growth

Right away, you will start accelerating growth.  Each week you will make tangible progress on your growth goals.  More prospects, more customers, more traction.  More sales.  You will implement a process that continuously spins your transformational flywheel.    

Fund Growth

We help you first explore options for funding, build a funding plan, and if needed, craft a pitch deck.  Next we provided access to investors

Unlike other Accelerators, that focus almost exclusively on fund-raising, we are here to help you succeed, even if you don’t right away get outside funding. 

Another difference is that our Accelerator is personalized. 

You will receive 1:1 coaching for 12 months. 

  We help you explore the many ways, beyond equity investments, to fund your business while helping you build the team, traction, and experience needed both for growth and for venture funding. 

We help you succeed no matter what.

Are You Ready To Elevate Your Company?


Virtual Accelerator Objectives

Through twelve modules over 3 months,

and seven ongoing monthly mini accelerators,

you will achieve the following:


Build a Growth Plan

Build a Funding Plan

Build an Investor Pitch Deck

Accelerate Growth & Traction



Accelerate & Fund Exponential Growth


The Force for Good System is an elevated model of leading companies and organizations in building both positive impact and sustainable prosperity.

  • We help women founders along their journey from idea to exponential growth (seed to Series B).
  • To build the 8- or 9-figure company they envision, they need to grow exponentially.
  • We help them figure out how to plan their growth strategy, explore funding options, create a funding plan, pitch investors, and exponentially grow and prosper.
  • Our combination of proven business system, with our team of experienced Advisors and women-founder focused Investors, is the exact ecosystem needed to grow and prosper.


First, Build a Scalable Foundation


To establish a strong foundation, companies are invited to define the Elements of the Transformational Flywheel:

  1. Know Your Purpose
  2. Know Your Customer
  3. Know Your Growth & Impact Plan

Defining these elements creates clarity and alignment for everyone on your team so that all can serve the same purpose and goals.

The process of defining each of these important elements will lead to immediate breakthroughs in how your team operates, positioning your company for growth.

Second, Finalize the Growth Plan

  • Creates immediate alignment throughout your organization
  • Encompasses everything in one cohesive place
  • Acts as a daily reminder of where you can be most impactful
  • A living plan you use and update with your team ongoing
  • The nitty-gritty of what is most important and needs focus
  • The pre-cursor to the pitch deck you will build for investors or lendors

Third, Accelerate Growth & Traction

  • Know who your customer is, what they need, and how your business is the solution.
  • Validate you have a large enough target market to create exponential growth.
  • Set product pricing to ensure what you sell is both loved by customers and profitable.
  • Build an effective, efficient lead generation pipeline.
  • Demonstrate product-market fit by generating more sales.

Fourth, Spin the Transformational Flywheel


In the Virtual Accelerator, you will implement the Seven Rituals of Innovation. These regular rituals build momentum, creating perpetual cycles of virtuosity, innovation, acknowledgement, and connection that lead to actualized breakthroughs.


  1. Annual Retreats
  2. Quarterly Reviews
  3. Monthly Dashboards
  4. Weekly MIG (Most Important Goal) Sessions
  5. Daily Huddles
  6. Town Halls
  7. Board Meetings

Throughout the Process, Fund Your Growth


We will help you:


  1. Learn the various funding options for funding the growth of your company.
  2. Weigh the pros and cons of each option.
  3. Guide you to create a Funding Plan.
  4. Support you in building your Pitch Deck.
  5. Introduce you to our network of Venture Capital and Angel Investors.

12-Month Accelerator Framework

First – 12-Week Acceleration Sprint

In the 12-Week Acceleration sprint we will provide twelve structured virtual modules providing exactly what you need to move into action and see immediate results.

Each week a new virtual module will be released.

Using our collection of self-service tools, you will quickly move through the material, solo or with your team. All aimed at efficiently helping you elevate your business.

During the first 12-Weeks, you will also receive 1:1 Coaching with Coco twice monthly (6 sessions).


Weekly Virtual Workshops

Each recorded workshop will be released weekly.  These 90-Minute workshops provide guided exercises that ellicit the answers you need to grow and fund your business.  These can be done on your own schedule, either alone or with your team.

1:1 Coaching Monthly

Each month, you can schedule two 45-minute Zoom sessions with Coco.  These sessions will help you make progress on your Growth Plan, Funding Plan, and building your Advisory Board.



Tools & Templates

The Force for Good System includes dozens of tools and templates designed to help you and your team have insights, create alignment, and take potent action that amplifies progress.

Optional: In-Person 2-Day Retreat

For founders who want to fast-track success, you can choose to have Coco facilitate a 2-day, offsite, strategic planning retreat for you and your leadership team.  The process will help you you quickly craft your Growth Strategy & Plan with Coco’s direction and insights.    


Introduction – Setting You Up for Success
  • Introduction to the Force for Good System
  • Introduction to the process of Getting Funded
  • Introduction to The Growth Plan
  • Introduction to The Funding Plan
  • Introduction to The Pitch Deck
  • Organizing your time in the weeks ahead
  • Pre-schedule times to meet with your team
  • The Force for Good Mindsets
Module 1 – Craft Your Purpose & Vision

In this module, you will:

  • Assess the clarity, strength, and integration of your vision and purpose in your company.
  • Craft these important elements:
    • Core Purpose
    • Core Values
    • Long-Term Impact Goal
    • Inception Story
    • Update your Growth Plan, Funding Plan, and Pitch Deck
Module 2 – Who You Serve & What You Offer

In this module, you will:

  • Assess how well you and your team are aligned about who your customer is and the value you deliver to them.
  • Experience the Meet Your Customer exercise and create a Service Avatar that inspires you and your team every day.
    • Clarify what your customer deeply wants.
    • Define who your company serves:
    • Specify what your company offers.
    • Identify what generates profit.
    • Update your Growth Plan, Funding Plan, and Pitch Deck
Module 3 – Customer Enrollment Funnel

In the module, you will:

  • Define your Total Addressable Market (TAM), Servicable Addressable Market (SAM), and Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM)
  • Build a go-to-market engine that automatically:
    • Attracts plenty of Suspects (ideal customers who haven’t learned about your company yet)
    • Converts Suspects to Prospects (helps them find your company and engage)
    • Successfully invites Prospects to be New Customers (create remarkable experiences that leads them to procure your product or service)
    • Aligns with your Core Purpose, Core Values, Vision, and Long-Term Impact Goal.
    • Update your Growth Plan, Funding Plan, and Pitch Deck
Module 4 – Where You Are – What Stage Is Your Company?
  • Assess the current stage of your company:
    • Existence
    • Survival
    • Scaling
    • Impact
  • Identify the key next steps to move your business to the next stage of evolution and impact.
  • Assess the current financial status of your company:
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
  • Assess your company’s current level of alignment with your Core Purpose, Core Values, Vision, and Long-Term Impact Goal.
  • Select and gather the 12 most telling Key Performance Indicators of your business.
  • Start building the data investors or lenders will need.
  • Update your 4-Page Impact Plan, Funding Plan, and Pitch Deck
Module 5 – Where You Are – Accelerators & Constrictors
  • Conduct a Business Assessment with input from your team to find out the perspectives of your team.
  • Conduct the Focused SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), which uniquely invites you to home in on what is accelerating and constraining the following:
    • Impact, scale, and profit.
    • Core Purpose, Core Values, Vision, and Long-Term Impact Goal
    • Update your 4-Page Impact Plan, Funding Plan, and Pitch Deck
Module 6 – Where You Are Headed – Long-Term Goals & Strategies
  • Craft the following:
    • 10-Year Chronological Strategy
    • 10-Year Strategic Priorities
    • 10-Year Milestones
    • 3-Year Milestones
    • 12-Month Milestones
  • Update your 4-Page Impact Plan, Funding Plan, and Pitch Deck
  • The Goal: Every member of your leadership team will be able to articulate the following independently:
    • Core Purpose, Core Values, Vision, Long-Term Impact Goal
    • Chronological Strategy
    • Strategic Priorities
Module 7 – Build Your Board of Advisors
  • What is a Board of Directors? 
  • What is a Board of Advisors? 
  • How can a Board of Directors or Advisors help you achieve your goals?
  • What do you need from your Board? Experience, Knowledge, Relationships, Networks?
  • How do you utilize and work with them?
  • Where can you find them?
  • How are they compensated?
  • Update your 4-Page Impact Plan, Funding Plan, and Pitch Deck
Module 8 – 12-Month Breakthrough Goal + MIGs & LEADs
  • Assess which area of your business most needs breakthrough.
    • Discover the strength you most need to lean into.
    • Discover the constraint that needs innovation and attention.
  • Select a 12-Month Breakthrough Goal (a goal that will require the focus of everyone in the company) that will most elevate your business this year.
  • Select Quarterly Goals leading up to your 12-Month Breakthrough Goal.
  • With your 12-Month Breakthrough Goal in hand, focus now on aligning every function/department with this goal:
    • Develop a MIG (Most Important Goal) for each function.
    • Develop three LEADs (Lead Indicators) for each functional team.
  • he Goal: Everyone in the company will know by heart the company-wide 12-Month Breakthrough Goal and have specific MIGs & LEADs for how s/he can personally impact progress on this goal.
  • Update your 4-Page Impact Plan, Funding Plan, and Pitch Deck
Modules 9 – Forecast & Budget
  • See your Forecast and Budget as a mean of funding you’re the purpose and impact you aim to deliver to the world.
  • Utilize the Force for Good Budget & Forecasting Tools to quickly create a 12-Month Detailed Forecast & Budget, and a 3-Year Summary Forecast & Budget.
  • Learn the sequential process of building a forecast and budget for the next three years.
    • Create a volume and pricing model forecast for each product/service.
    • Plan out all of the Administrative Roles you have or will fill over the next three years.
    • Map out the anticipated operations expenses.
    • Calculate the Pro Forma Forecast & Budget.
    • Update your 4-Page Impact Plan, Funding Plan, and Pitch Deck
Module 10 – Build a Funding Plan
  • Explore the options for funding your growth.
  • Boot-strapping.
  • Sources of Debt.
  • Crowdfunding.
  • Grants.
  • Friends & Family.
  • Angel Investors.
  • Venture Capital.
  • Common Equity and Debt Structures.
  • Build Your Funding Plan.
  • Update your 4-Page Impact Plan, Funding Plan, and Pitch Deck
Module 11 – Build Your Pitch
  • What investors or lenders want to see.
  • How to value your company?
  • How much capital do you need?
  • How long with it fund your growth (runway)?
  • The Elements of the Pitch Deck.
  • Drafting Your Pitch Deck.
  • Update your 4-Page Impact Plan, Funding Plan, and Pitch Deck
Module 12 – Creating Perpetual Success
  • Give Your Pitch & Celebrate Progress
  • 90-Day Goals & 30-Day Goals
  • Being a Force for Good Leader:
    • Be Wise.
    • Be Transformative.
    • Be of Highest & Best Use.
  • What’s Next:  Transition to Monthly Mini Accelerators 

Second – Seven Monthly Mini Accelerators

After the 12-Week Acceleration Sprint is complete,

we provide ongoing structure and support. 

Monthly Mini Acceleration Workshops

These are recorded workshops released monthly on growth, acceleration, and getting funded.

Monthly Coaching

Each month, you can sign up for 1:1 coaching with Coco. 45 Minutes each month.

Pitch Investors, Lenders, and Grants

When your pitch is ready, we will support you in getting funded by helping you create a funding list, introducing you to investors/lenders/ grants, and supporting your momentum forward.


Optional: In-Person Quarterly Retreats

To accelerate progress, boost accountability, and continue to innovate your growth and funding strategy, Coco can facilitate three in-person quarterly retreats at an off-site location with you and your leadership team.

Now Accepting Applications

We are currently accepting up to 5 woman founders and their teams.
What is the application process?

Applications are received on a rolling, first-come, first-serve basis.  The sooner you apply, the better you chances of being accepted to work with Coco.

The application process is as follows:

1. Schedule a discovery call with us to learn more and have your questions answered.

2. We invite you to complete an online application providing more information about your business and you goals for the program.

3.  For all qualified candidates, we will conduct a Zoom interview.

We will let you know within 7 days if you are accepted to the program. 

To hold your spot, we will send you a payment link, where you can selece your perferred payment option and enroll.


What are the qualifications to participate?
  • We are accepting women founders and their teams.
  • Early stage companies in the Seed to Series A stage is the best fit.
  • A product or service you are selling, some traction, and some revenue is best.  
  • Dedicated team of 3+ team members.
  • Purpose- and impact-led businesses only.  
  • Any industry. B2B or B2C.  


That said, we are here to help.  If your venture does not meet all the qualifications but you are interested in the program, go ahead and schedule a discovery call.  Let’s talk and see how we can support you.


What is the time commitment?

During the first three months, the founder and members of the leadership team will commit 2-5 hours per week.

During the remaining seven months, the founder and members of the leadership team will commit 6-8 hours per month.  

Implementing weekly, monthly, and quarterly innovation rituals with your team is required.

These activities will, however, be directed at building traction in your business.  All activities result in creating growth, and if needed, funding.


Will there be demo days?

    No.  Our approach is more personalized.  Our aim is to help you connect with the right funding mechanisms and best investors for you.   

    We will, however, share opportunities to pitch at upcoming pitch events.


    What is the cost of the program?
    • For the first five founders and teams selected, the cost for the full 12-month virtual program, with twelve 45-minute coaching sessions with Coco, is $12,000.  (The price will go up to $18,000 for future companies and teams.) 
    • Optional: Facilitated In-Person Retreats.  We offer the option of having Coco facilitate a 2-day in-person strategic planning retreat at the beginning of your journey, along with three 1-day in-person quarterly retreats.  The cost of this added service for the first five founders is $12,000.  The price will go up to $18,000. (Cost does not include travel expense or space rental, if needed.)
    • We do offer the option to pay all at once, quarterly, or monthly.


    For all funding received through our introductions to investors, FFG receives 2% of the value of that funding in equity from the Founder through a SAFE Convertible Note.

    Does the Accelerator take a piece of equity?

    While many Accelerator programs do take a small percentage of equity as part of registration, we do not at this time.  We may do this in the future.

    For all funding received through our introductions to investors, FFG receives 2% of the value of that funding in equity from the Founder through a SAFE Convertible Note/Warranty.  

    Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes.  If you attend all of the first three workshops, complete all the homework, and participate in the first three modules of the program and decide it is not a fit for you, we will give you your money back. 

    Does this program guarantee funding?

    We cannot guarantee you will receive funding from investors, lendors, or other sources as a result of this program.

    This program is designed to help your business become more fundable while accelerating traction.  The more traction you build, the more fundable (and valuable) your company becomes.

    We are here to help you unlock the puzzle of both funding and growth.  But there are no guarantees.


    Will virtual workshops be recorded?

    Yes.  All workshops will be recorded and distributed afterward should you miss a meeting.