12-Week  Virtual 

GROWTH Accelerator


A self-service virtual program for founders and teams.

Launches July 2024.


The FFG Growth Accelerator is designed for purpose-led women founders who are ready to actualize the high-impact, high-growth company they envision.

Are You Ready To Elevate Your Company?

The Accelerator is designed for purpose-led entrepreneurs and teams
who WANT to build remarkable companies that:

Grow successful, sustainable businesses fueled by a positive purpose to make the world better.
Serve thousands of customers with remarkable products and services, known for exemplary quality.
Build a culture that both customers and team members cherish.
Create plenty of profits to pay team members generously and create prosperity for shareholders.
Build a business that can one day operate successfully and sustainably, with or without the presence of the Founder.

But who struggle to achieve these results because…

They need more customers.  Especially ones that generate profit.
Marketing  systems are not generating enough prospects.
Team members are not always taking the most important actions that lead to measurable growth.
Founder-dependence.  Many critical resposibilities and most challenges and  problems rest on the shoulders of the Founder.
The company cannot afford to invest in best-in-class people, systems and technology to improve efficiencies and scale the business.
The company can’t seem to accelerate growth and move into a state of ongoing, scaling profitability.

The Accelerator creates immediate, simultaneous breakthroughs in the three areas that will most positively propel forward every aspect of your business.


The positive good your company wants to bring to the world.


Attracting and enrolling plenty of customers to serve and support.


Ensuring sustainability & abundance for all stakeholders.

Virtual Growth Accelerator Goals

  1. Accelerate growth immediately and implement a system that empowers you to unlock 2X, 3X, and even 10X growth.
  2. Through a clear Core Purpose and 100-Year Company Vision, empower your whole team to align and bring out their brilliance every day.
  3. Build a self-managing company that offers freedom and prosperity to the founder and investors
  4. Discover your power as a Transformative Leader capable of leading in both purpose and profits.

Through twelve robust modules, you will achieve the following:

  1. You will develop a succinct 4-Page Impact Plan that articulates the long-term impact you want to achieve, along with the most strategic next steps for every single person in your company.
  2. Together with your team, you will articulate what makes your company remarkable, and empower everyone in your organization with an elevated purpose larger than themselves to encourage commitment and success.
  3. You will install the Six Rituals of Innovation that ensures your company is constantly elevating through every opportunity, challenge, or situation that comes up.
  4. You will implement the Force for Good System – a transformational flywheel – which once implemented, naturally accelerates impact, scale, and profit by bringing out the best in every person on your team.
Start your journey to success today and accelerate impact, scale, and profit in three months!

During the Virtual Accelerator,
you will implement the Force for Good System


The Force for Good System is an elevated model of leading companies and organizations in building both positive impact and sustainable prosperity.

The Force for Good System helps founders and leaders align and accelerate impact, scale and profit.

The Accelerator helps you quickly move from “Survival” into “Scale” mode, where exponential growth and impact are happening.


How Does the Force for Good System Work?

The Force for Good System empowers everyone in the organization to bring their brilliance, innovation, and action to work on behalf of the business by ensuring that every team member knows the core essentials of the business:


Your Purpose


Who You Serve


Your Impact Plan


Your Highest & Best Use

First, Build the Transformational Flywheel


To establish a strong foundation, companies are invited to define the 34 Elements that make up the Transformational Flywheel.

Defining these elements creates clarity and alignment for everyone on your team so that all can serve the same purpose and goals.

The process of defining each of these important elements will lead to immediate breakthroughs in how your team operates, positioning your company for growth.

Second, Finalize the 4-Page Impact Plan

  • Creates immediate alignment throughout your organization
  • Encompasses all 34-Elements in one cohesive place
  • Acts as a daily reminder of where you can be most impactful
  • A living plan you use and update with your team ongoing
  • The nitty-gritty of what is most important and needs focus

Third, Spin the Transformational Flywheel


In the Virtual Accelerator, you will implement the Six Rituals of Innovation. These regular rituals build momentum, creating perpetual cycles of virtuosity, innovation, acknowledgement, and connection that lead to actualized breakthroughs.


  1. Annual Retreats
  2. Quarterly Reviews
  3. Monthly Dashboards
  4. Weekly MIG (Most Important Goal) Sessions
  5. Daily Huddles
  6. Town Halls

The Format

Each of the twelve modules contains exactly what you need to move into action and see immediate results. Using our collection of self-service tools, you will quickly move through the material, solo or with your team. All aimed at efficiently helping you elevate your business.


Along the way, we will invite you to diagnose your specific situation using self-assessment tools. 

Tools & Templates

The Force for Good System includes dozens of tools and templates designed to help you and your team have insights, create alignment, and take potent action that amplifies progress.


Twelve Virtual Workshops

Designed to have you leave each session with areas of your plan filled in, these 90-Minute workshops provide guided exercises that elicit the answers you need to grow your business.


Written Booklets & Checklists

Our guidebooks and handbooks will help you tackle specific areas of your plan with confidence.  Our checklists and booklets make implmentation easy.


FFG Growth Accelerator

Launching in July, 2024

      • Twelve Online Video Workshops – Self-service format you can use at your convenience.
      • Online Portal – with Recordings, Tools, Resources, Videos.
      • Email Guidance – You will receive guidance and connection via email every week.
      • BONUS! – The FFG ToolKit ($10,000 Value) – A growing library of tools to help founders and teams unlock growth.  You will receive immediate access when you sign up.
      • BONUS! – 60-Minute Strategy Session with Coco ($1,200 Value) – Once you complete your 4-Page Plan, you are invited to schedule a one-on-one strategy session to review your plan and receive guidance and support.
      • BONUS! – Include Your Leadership Team ($3,197 Value) – Include 2 additional members of your team (they must have same email domain as you) at no extra charge.  Each will receive a login of their own.  Each will also receive a Strategy Session.  Additional team members can participate for $250 each.  Inclusion of your team is essential and is the greatest determinant of success.

What will you discover in each module?

Introduction – Setting You Up for Success
  • Introduction to the Force for Good System
  • Why impact, scale and profit?
  • Draft the first version of your 4-Page Growth Plan
  • Organizing your time in the weeks ahead
  • Pre-schedule times to meet with your team
  • The Force for Good Mindsets
  • The Bonus Materials
Module 1 – Craft Your Purpose & Vision

In this module, you will:

  • Assess the clarity, strength, and integration of your vision and purpose in your company.
  • Craft these important elements:
    • Core Purpose
    • Core Values
    • Long-Term Impact Goal
    • Inception Story
    • Update your 4-Page Growth Plan.
Module 2 – Who You Serve & What You Offer

In this module, you will:

  • Assess how well you and your team are aligned about who your customer is and the value you deliver to them.
  • Experience the Meet Your Customer exercise and create a Service Avatar that inspires you and your team every day.
  • Define who your company serves:
    • Clarify what your customer deeply wants.
    • Specify what your company offers.
    • Identify what generates profit.
    • Contemplate your company’s Chosen Area of Greatness.
    • Update your 4-Page Growth Plan.
Module 3 – Customer Enrollment Funnel

In the module, you will:

  • Build an engine that automatically:
    • Attracts plenty of Suspects (ideal customers who haven’t learned about your company yet)
    • Converts Suspects to Prospects (helps them find your company and engage)
    • Successfully invites Prospects to be New Customers (create remarkable experiences that leads them to procure your product or service)
    • Aligns with your Core Purpose, Core Values, Vision, and Long-Term Impact Goal.
    • Update your 4-Page Growth Plan.
Module 4 – Where You Are – What Stage Is Your Company?
  • Assess the current stage of your company:
    • Existence
    • Survival
    • Scaling
    • Impact
  • Identify the key next steps to move your business to the next stage of evolution and impact.
  • Assess the current financial status of your company:
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
  • Assess your company’s current level of alignment with your Core Purpose, Core Values, Vision, and Long-Term Impact Goal.
  • Select and gather the 12 most telling Key Performance Indicators of your business.
  • Update your 4-Page Growth Plan.
Module 5 – Where You Are – Focused SWOT
  • Conduct a Business Assessment with input from your team to find out the perspectives of your team.
  • Conduct the Focused SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), which uniquely invites you to home in on what is accelerating and constraining the following:
    • Impact, scale, and profit.
    • Core Purpose, Core Values, Vision, and Long-Term Impact Goal
    • Update your 4-Page Growth Plan.
Module 6 – Where You Are Headed – Long-Term Goals & Strategies
  • Craft the following:
    • 10-Year Chronological Strategy
    • 10-Year Strategic Priorities
    • 10-Year Milestones
    • 3-Year Milestones
    • 12-Month Milestones
  • The Goal: Every member of your leadership team will be able to articulate the following independently:
    • Core Purpose, Core Values, Vision, Long-Term Impact Goal
    • Chronological Strategy
    • Strategic Priorities
  • Flash-Forward: In Module 11, we will discuss the Six Rituals. Within the agendas of these rituals are recurring times when you will talk about long-term goals and strategies to keep them top of mind for everyone in the company.
  • Update your 4-Page Growth Plan.
Module 7 – 12-Month Breakthrough Goal
  • Assess which area of your business most needs breakthrough.
    • Discover the strength you most need to lean into.
    • Discover the constraint that needs innovation and attention.
  • Select a 12-Month Breakthrough Goal (a goal that will require the focus of everyone in the company) that will most elevate your business this year.
  • Select Quarterly Goals leading up to your 12-Month Breakthrough Goal.
  • The Goal: Everyone in the company will know by heart the company-wide 12-Month Breakthrough Goal and have a sense of how s/he can personally impact progress on this goal.
  • Update your 4-Page Growth Plan.
Module 8 – 12-Month MIGs & LEADs
  • With your 12-Month Breakthrough Goal in hand, focus now on aligning every function/department with this goal:
    • Develop a MIG (Most Important Goal) for each function.
    • Develop three LEADs (Lead Indicators) for each functional team.
  • The Goal: Every member of the team will know by heart the MIG and three LEADs of their functional team. Over time, every member of the team will develop a keen clarity about how s/he can best influence these important goals and outcomes.
  • Flash-Forward: In Module 11, we will implement the Six Rituals which will ensure the MIGs and LEADs get constant attention and innovation.
  • Update your 4-Page Growth Plan.


Modules 9 – Forecast & Budget
  • See your Forecast and Budget as a mean of funding you’re the purpose and impact you aim to deliver to the world.
  • Utilize the Force for Good Budget & Forecasting Tools to quickly create a 12-Month Detailed Forecast & Budget, and a 3-Year Summary Forecast & Budget.
  • Learn the sequential process of building a forecast and budget for the next three years.
    • Create a volume and pricing model forecast for each product/service.
    • Plan out all of the Administrative Roles you have or will fill over the next three years.
    • Map out the anticipated operations expenses.
    • Calculate the Pro Forma Forecast & Budget.
    • Update your 4-Page Growth Plan.


Module 10 – Finalize Your 4-Page Impact Plan
  • What is the 4-Page Plan?
  • Why is it important?
  • How can you use it going forward?
  • The work you have done in the first nine modules has prepared you to lay out the 4-Page Impact Plan.
  • The process of finalizing the initial plan.
  • Sharing the plan (with appropriate levels of detail) with all the members of your team.
  • Update your 4-Page Growth Plan.
Module 11 – The Six Rituals of Innovation
  • To this point, you will have built the 34 Elements of The Force for Good System. To activate the system into every aspect of your business requires the Six Rituals of Innovation.
  • What is the purpose and function of each of the Six Rituals of Innovation?
    1. Annual Retreats
    2. Quarterly Reviews
    3. Monthly Dashboards
    4. Weekly MIG (Most Important Goal) Session
    5. Daily Huddles
    6. Town Halls
  • The Goal: Implement the Six Rituals of Innovation over 90 Days.


Module 12 – Putting the System on Autopilot
  • Celebrate what you have created.
  • How to keep the system alive and elevating your business.
  • Being a Force for Good Leader:
    • Be Wise.
    • Be Transformative.
    • Be of Highest & Best Use.
  • Cycles of Perpetual Impact.
  • Creating Cycles of Virtuosity.


What About Bonuses?

Bonus #1

The Force For Good ToolKit ($10,000 Value)

A growing library of 50+ tools to help founders and teams unlock growth.  You will receive immediate access when you sign up!

Bonus #2

FREE 60-Minute Strategy Session with Coco ($1,200 Value)

With your drafted 1-Page Growth Plan in hand, Coco will lead you deeper into the process of unlocking the unique recipe for growth in your business.  This session will help you launch further, faster. 

Additional Strategy Sessions can be purchased on a discounted basis for Accelerator participants.

Bonus #3

FREE ACCESS for TWO Members of Your Leadership Team ($3198 Value)

One of the goals of the Force for Good System is to grow leaders. The Daily Huddles and Weekly MIG Sessions are critical in developing leaders in your company.  Thus, to ensure your team is constantly elevating as problem-solving, emotionally intelligent, continously impoving leaders, we developed a program directed toward everyone on your team.

The Developing Leaders Program focuses on leading the Daily Huddles and Weekly MIGs (Most Important Goals) Sessions, while providing the universal skills and mindsets of service-led, transformative leaders.

It trains the leader on these important topics:

  • Facilitating groups.
  • Holding the energy of the group.
  • Supporting intentions for progress.
  • Methods of accountability.
  • Encouraging people to take risks and stretch.
  • Making it safe to fail.
  • The psychology of metrics and how to make it safe to be metric-oriented.

The Investment – Options for Enrolling

Option 1

Single Payment
The introductory rate is

Option 2

3 Monthly Payments of
The introductory rate is
$366/month for 3 months
Includes immediate access to
the three Bonuses, alone valued at $3696:

Bonus #1

The Force For Good ToolKit
($10,000 Value)

Bonus #2

60-Minute Strategy Session with Coco
($1,200 Value)

Bonus #3

FREE ACCESS for TWO Team Members
($3198 Value)
Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the FFG Growth Accelerator?
  • The FFG Growth Accelerator is a virtual business program specifically designed for purpose-led women founders aiming to scale their businesses into high-impact, high-growth enterprises.
Who is eligible to apply for the accelerator?

Anyone and everyone.  While the program is tailored for women founders and their teams who are committed to driving both purpose and profit in their businesses, and who are at a stage ready to scale, it is a business operating system that would benefit any entrepreneur or team.  

How will the Strategy Sessions work?

Your 60-Minute Strategy Session will be conducted via Zoom and can be recorded if you would like.

Can I request additional strategy sessions if needed?

You are provided one 60-minute Strategy Session with the purchase of the Growth Accelerator.  You will be provided options for available times to schedule your session.  We ask that you complete and send the 4-Page Growth Plan prior to your Strategy Session, as it will make the session more valuable.

You can also choose the “Guided Implementation” option at check-out, which includes a package of three additional 60-minute Strategy Sessions.  

Additional sessions can also be purchased.


What is the time commitment?

Each module takes 2-3 hours to complete.  You can choose to complete one module per week, or adapt it to your specific needs.  If you wanted to install the system quickly, you could also complete one module per day.

How long will access remain available for the program?

You will have access for 12 months starting the day you sign up.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

There is a 7-day money back guarantee.  Try the program for seven days and if you don’t find value, we will refund your money.

Is this program live or virtual?

This program is virtual and self-paced.  You will receive regular emails to support you.  There is not a “live” or group aspect to this program.

The only aspect of the program that is delivered live is the Strategy Session with Coco, conducted via Zoom.