The Pain Gap by Anushay Hossain

The Pain Gap is an absolutely brilliant work, beautifully written with page-turning personal stories and strong advocacy. It vividly illustrates the urgent need for women to become their own health advocates and highlights the necessity for innovation in women’s healthcare. The author effectively underscores both the solutions required to address women’s health issues and the systemic changes needed in hospitals, among physicians, and within the healthcare system at large.

This book calls for changes at every level, emphasizing the importance of inclusive care for all women, particularly women of color, those without adequate health insurance, low-income women, and women with non-heterosexual identities.

The Pain Gap Written by Anushay Hossain, a healthcare advocate based in Washington D.C., this book is incredibly well-informed and skillfully penned. It is a crucial read for anyone interested in understanding and advocating for comprehensive and equitable healthcare for women.

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