Are You Ready to GROW?

Are you ready to grow your business, your team, and yourself? 

The Business Acceleration Retreat is for early-stage women founders who want to unlock the puzzle of growth.

Only 3% of women founded businesses grow to $1M +ARR. We are here to help women founders cross the chasm of $1M, $3M, $10M and beyond.  

Each podcast series is a mini business retreat designed to help purpose-led leaders and their teams discover knowledge, unlock breakthroughs, and take action.


Series 1: The 1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat

Welcome to the One-Day Business Acceleration Retreat! This experience is designed to help women founders like you plan and execute the exponential growth of your business. Only 3% of all women led businesses cross the threshold of generating $1million or more in annual revenues and only 2% are funded through venture capital.  These statistics are...
Episode Overview: This inaugural episode of our podcast series introduces listeners to the transformative 1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat, designed to kickstart the journey towards scaling and enriching your business. The episode emphasizes the importance of preparation and outlines the three-step acceleration process integral to the FFG System. Key Highlights: 1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat: An in-depth...