Welcome to the 1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat!

Episode Overview:

This inaugural episode of our podcast series introduces listeners to the transformative 1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat, designed to kickstart the journey towards scaling and enriching your business. The episode emphasizes the importance of preparation and outlines the three-step acceleration process integral to the FFG System.

Key Highlights:

  • 1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat: An in-depth look at how this retreat can set the foundation for scaling your business, creating a sustainable, profitable model, and nurturing a high-performing, collaborative culture.
  • FFG System Implementation: Insight into how the FFG System can be applied to witness immediate results and gradually add complexity and nuance over time.
  • Free Discovery Call: Information on scheduling a discovery call for personalized guidance and next steps at https://calendly.com/coco-sellman/accelerator-learn

Topics Covered:

1-Preparation for Business Growth:

  • Gaining clarity, choosing a path, and taking potent action.
  • The simplicity and complexity of running a business.

2-Components of the 1-Day Workshop:

  • Conducting the Business Acceleration Retreat.
  • Crafting a 12-Month Breakthrough Plan.
  • Launching a Weekly Acceleration Meeting.

3-Challenges in Business Planning:

  • Overcoming distractions and the complexity of actionable growth plans.
  • The difficulty in following through and implementing growth plans.

4-The Three-Step Acceleration Process:

  • Envision a Better Future.
  • Build an Actionable Plan.
  • Weekly Meetings to Accelerate Growth.

5-Upcoming Episodes Overview:

  • Detailed look into the next episodes, from uncovering your Business Core Purpose, Vision, and selecting a 12-Month Breakthrough… to launching the 12-Month Growth Plan… all in the bite-sized business retreats.

6-Preparation Tips for the Workshop:

7-1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat Benefits:

  • Developing a succinct plan, achieving clarity, and aligning team efforts.

8-Progress Over Perfection:

  • Emphasizing the iterative nature of planning and the value of evolving and refining business strategies.

Next Steps:

  • Download the free companion guide at www.aforceforgood.com/retreat.
  • Assess your company’s readiness for growth — and identify specific areas you can focus on right away to create quick-wins at https://aforceforgood.biz/quiz/
  • Pre-order your copy of “A Force For Good,” the book launching in 2024, and immediately receive access to 50+ tools and templates that will help you unlock the puzzle of growth in your business: https://aforceforgood.biz/book/