Conduct a Simple SWOT

At the heart of every SWOT lives the question, “What do we do now?”. Building upon your 12-month breakthrough goal, this episode is dedicated to dissecting actionable strategies that will cultivate the most essential, impactful elements that will most directly impact the 12-month goal.  

Key Highlights:

  • The SWOT exercise is part 5 in the  1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat. 
  • Use the companion workbook available at track your journey. You will develop a succinct plan, achieving clarity, and aligning team efforts.

Topics Covered: 

  • Understand why the SWOT methodology is a powerful tool in strategic decision-making.
  • The secrets to conducting a successful SWOT analysis for your business.
  • Prioritize the top three factors from your SWOT analysis that impact your company’s journey towards realizing the 12-Month Breakthrough Goal.

Next Steps:

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