Revolution at the Table: Making Plant-Based Affordable and Saving the Planet

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Christie Lagally, founder and CEO of Rebellyous Foods, is a former aerospace engineer turned trailblazer in the plant-based food industry.

  • CHRISTIE’S RECOMMENDED READ:  “The Next American Revolution” by Grace Lee Boggs offers an inspiring blueprint for sustainable social change, advocating radical community-driven activism.
  • UNLOCK THE SECRETS OF FOOD INNOVATION: Dive into Christie Lagally’s pioneering work at Rebellyous Foods, where traditional meat production is reimagined for a healthier planet.
  • PEEK INSIDE A FOOD REVOLUTION: Explore the cutting-edge Mach 2 production system that promises to shake up the plant-based meat industry by improving safety and slashing costs.
  • FROM AEROSPACE TO PLANT-BASED PIONEERING: Follow Christie’s unique journey and discover how her background in aerospace engineering fuels her innovative approach to sustainable food solutions.
  • SCALE-UP SECRETS REVEALED: Learn how automation is key to scaling production and making nutritious plant-based meals affordable and widespread, especially in critical sectors like education and healthcare.
  • NAVIGATING HIGH STAKES WITH VENTURE CAPITAL: Gain invaluable insights into how Rebellyous Foods strategically uses venture funding to thrive, even through economic downturns like the pandemic.
  • NUTRITION ON THE FRONT LINES: Find out how Christie’s company is targeting specific nutritional needs, changing the way institutions think about feeding their communities.
  • BUILDING MORE THAN JUST BUSINESS: Christie shares her philosophy on cultivating impactful relationships that extend beyond traditional sales strategies to create lasting change in the food industry.
  • A VISION FOR A HEALTHIER TOMORROW: Hear Christie’s proactive approach to industry challenges, such as the bird flu, and learn how transitioning to plant-based production can lead to significant environmental and health benefits.
  • THE BLUEPRINT FOR A PLANT-BASED FUTURE: Discover the transformative potential of converting meat processing facilities to plant-based operations, a move that could redefine the industry and bolster job preservation.
  • LEADERSHIP LESSONS FOR ASPIRING WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS: Be inspired by Christie’s resilience and strategic acumen, offering a masterclass for women founders on leading with vision and making impactful decisions.


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