The Transformational Flywheel: The Perpetual Machine of Business Success

In the dynamic landscape of business, where change is the only constant, the Force for Good System (FFG System) emerges as a transformational flywheel for your enterprise.

Picture this flywheel as a powerful engine of growth and impact, one that, as you nurture it over time, generates alignment, clarity, and focused action, resulting in elevated results beyond your wildest aspirations.

The inspiration behind the FFG System traces back to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, a man fascinated by the concept of creating a perpetual machine. This hypothetical device was designed to operate indefinitely, perpetually moving without external energy input. In essence, it would sustain its own motion, an eternal source of energy, and an enduring testament to human ingenuity.

While the dream of a true perpetual machine has eluded us, its essence remains alive within the FFG System. Our aim is to construct a self-perpetuating, virtuous cycle of momentum, energy, alignment, innovation, continuous improvement, and frictionless systems within the realm of business.

The Force for Good System is driven by a profound intention: to craft a replicable model for a perpetual machine that generates not just profit, but also positive impact and prosperity through business. It draws inspiration not only from the brilliance of Da Vinci but also from the timeless wisdom of Jim Collins, renowned for his seminal book, Good to Great. Collins reveals the magic of how “great” companies operate with the momentum and sustainability of a flywheel, much like Da Vinci’s perpetual machine.

In the convergence of these two visionary ideals – the perpetual machine and the business flywheel – the FFG System stands as an elevated model. It’s a transformative flywheel meticulously designed to supercharge your business’s impact, scale, and profitability.  Learn more about the FFG Flywheel here.

Transformational Flywheel

Yet, it’s more than a mere tool for financial gain. It is a system that elevates any company to new heights of innovation, collaboration, and performance. Simultaneously, it weaves the fabric of trust, forging unbreakable bonds with customers and employees alike.

As time unfolds, this flywheel nurtures a rich tapestry of purpose, culture, innovation, and high-performance. These elements synergize to create a self-sustaining cycle of growth and momentum. When you sense the unmistakable hum of your flywheel in motion, that’s when you know your journey toward greatness has truly begun.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

So, as you embark on your journey of building a purpose-led organization, remember that you are not just building a business; you are forging a legacy of perpetual impact, prosperity, and purpose. It’s a journey where your flywheel, once set in motion, becomes the driving force behind your ascent to greatness.

Where to Begin?

Are you ready to dive into the world of transformation, where impact, innovation, and prosperity intersect? Are you ready to set your business flywheel in motion? Join us on this epic journey to greatness! The best place to start building and spinning your company’s flywheel is the 1-Day Growth Plan, where you and your team can create a 12-month plan to accelerate impact, scale, and profit in just a few hours.


Since 1998, Coco has been on a mission to align business purpose with profit. As a serial entrepreneur and a consultant to founders, Coco has built five companies and supported hundreds of businesses. She is the Founder of Allume Home Care, Co-Owner and board member of All Pointe HomeCare, and creator of A Force for Good. Coco currently serves as the Chair of the Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home, Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee for WorldWide Orphans, Trustee of the Oliver Wolcott Library, and on the Campaign Committee of Kimball Union Academy.