Strategy Sessions


Creating definition, clarity, and aligned action among everyone on your team is both simple and complex. Sometimes an outside perspective can help you find answers to specific questions within your business that remain elusive. 

60-Minute Strategy Sessions help you and your team gain resounding clarity on purpose, customer, plan, and action in order to align and succeed.


Unlock a Breakthrough Today

A 60-Minute Strategy Session with our Founder, Coco Sellman, will help you gain clarity, insight, and confidence to take the next strategic step in your business.

  • Is your business stuck at a certain level?
  • Are you struggling to grow your company beyond it’s current platform?
  • Are you interested in elevating yourself beyond the day-to-day grind and empowering your team to take the reigns?
  • Are you struggling on whether invest in an idea or strategy?
  • Are you considering an acquisition, merger, divestiture, or company sale?

Schedule at 60-Minute Strategy Session to unlock answers and move forward.   


How Your Session Will Work


1. Book

When you book the session, you will be asked to clarify the question or topic to address.

2. Prepare

Once you have booked the session, you will be provided a list of preparatory questions.  This information will provide what we need to facilitate a breakthrough during the session.

Conduct the Strategy Session

3. Clarify & Define

Coco will welcome you to the call and invite you to clarify the Core Question and to clearly articulate what you aim to achieve by the end of the session. We will also establish success criteria.

4. Create Breakthroughs

The bulk of the session is where you will work toward a specific breakthrough. Your session will be specifically designed for your specific needs. 

5. Action Plan

Your session will culminate with a potent action plan to move you forward.


    Are sessions held in person or virtually?

    All sessions are held via Zoom.  Should you prefer an in-person session, group meeting, or longer session, this can be arranged at an additional charge. 

    Will the session be recorded?

    With your permission, yes, absolutely.

    How much work will be required to prepare?

    Expect your preparation will take 1-2 hours.  

    At what times are the sessions held?

    All sessions are held Tuesday through Thursday between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM Eastern-US time, based on availability.

    How does scheduling work?

    Once you book your session, you will receive an email with instructions for booking.

    Can I schedule more than one session?

    More sessions can be purchased either a la carte or in packages.  You can learn more about ongoing arrangements during your first session.