Establish Key Performance Indicators

Data used wisely has colossal power! During this episode we will explain the importance of identifying key performance indicators for your business and how to choose the right ones to measure and track your success. 


  • The significance of setting KPIs and understanding why setting them is crucial for business success.
  • The essential types of KPIs to track progress effectively.
  • Learn how to pinpoint the source and owner of each KPI for streamlined accountability.
  • Create weekly performance goals to drive continuous improvement and growth. Use the companion workbook available at


  • KPIs are set once you’ve created goals and quarterly plans developed in episodes 1-7 in the  1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat. 
  • Use the companion workbook available at to track your journey. You will develop a succinct plan, achieving clarity, and aligning team efforts.


  • Listen to episode 9 – Design a Weekly Dashboard 
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