Welcome & Introduction to the 1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat

Episode Overview:

This inaugural episode of our podcast series introduces listeners to the transformative 1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat, designed to kickstart the journey towards scaling and enriching your business. The episode emphasizes the importance of preparation and outlines the three-step acceleration process integral to the FFG System.

Key Highlights:

  • 1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat: An in-depth look at how this retreat can set the foundation for scaling your business, creating a sustainable, profitable model, and nurturing a high-performing, collaborative culture.
  • FFG System Implementation: Insight into how the FFG System can be applied to witness immediate results and gradually add complexity and nuance over time.
  • Free Discovery Call: Information on scheduling a discovery call for personalized guidance and next steps at www.aforceforgood.biz/discovery.

Topics Covered:

  1. Preparation for Business Growth:
  • Gaining clarity, choosing a path, and taking potent action.
  • The simplicity and complexity of running a business.
  1. Components of the 1-Day Workshop:
  • Conducting the Business Acceleration Retreat.
  • Crafting a 12-Month Breakthrough Plan.
  • Launching a Weekly Acceleration Meeting.
  1. Challenges in Business Planning:
  • Overcoming distractions and the complexity of actionable growth plans.
  • The difficulty in following through and implementing growth plans.
  1. The Three-Step Acceleration Process:
  • Envision a Better Future.
  • Build an Actionable Plan.
  • Weekly Meetings to Accelerate Growth.
  1. Upcoming Episodes Overview:
  • Detailed look into the next episodes, from uncovering the core purpose to launching the Weekly Acceleration Meeting.
  1. Preparation Tips for the Workshop:
  1. 1-Day Business Acceleration Retreat Benefits:
  • Developing a succinct plan, achieving clarity, and aligning team efforts.
  1. Progress Over Perfection:
  • Emphasizing the iterative nature of planning and the value of evolving and refining business strategies.


The episode wraps up by encouraging listeners to proceed to the next episode for crafting their Core Purpose and embarking on the journey of business transformation.


Welcome to the One Day Business Acceleration Retreat, a mini strategic planning workshop for purpose led leaders and teams. Business is a powerful force for good. Driven by leaders like you, we build companies that lead in both positive impact and enriched profit. Meet your host, Coco Selman, five time founder, impact investor, and creator of the Force for Good business system. Join us for this transformative retreat, emerging with a brighter vision and breakthrough plan for your company. Your journey to becoming a force for good in business begins now. Let's make a difference together. Hello and welcome to the one Day Business Acceleration Retreat. It is my pleasure and honor to hold the space for you as you create a plan to have a breakthrough in your business. So this is a one day business acceleration retreat. It's a great way to begin the profound journey of elevating every aspect of your business in all the ways that you imagine. So finally, being able to create. Scale and profit that you've envisioned a beloved company that both your customers and your teammates cherish. Fostering a culture that is kind, innovative, collaborative, and high performing, and ultimately creating a profitable, sustainable business that flourishes beyond its original founders. This is why we created the Force for Good System The perfect place to start is with this one day business acceleration retreat designed for you to be able to implement in just one afternoon and immediately start moving forward and creating progress in the direction that you desire. So as part of this, One day Business Acceleration retreat, I am encouraging you to also download the companion workbook and template. Just go to www.aforceforgood.biz/retreat. And there you can download the companion manual and be able to follow along. So in this one day experience, so it's designed to do in one day, you could do it over a series of a few days. In this experience, we're gonna help you gain clarity on exactly what you want to create in terms of a breakthrough in the next 12 months. Every business is. Ripe for a breakthrough. It's just a question of discovering what that is. Stepping off the hamster wheel of your business and focusing in, honing in on the one thing that if you had a breakthrough there, it would make all the difference. So today, in these, in this series, we're gonna help you do that. We're gonna then help you create a path to get there. A very simple, streamlined. Plan and then be able to take clear next actions to help you have potent results. So a business as is incredibly simple, right? Like it's all right. So we create products, programs, systems, services that add value to the world. And then we go out and we sell them. And if we're lucky, we can make a profit, right? So it's simple in nature, in context, but it's also really deeply complex. Every single business has its unique blueprint. It's unique facets, strengths and weaknesses. So in this one day workshop, we're gonna craft your 12 month breakthrough plan, and then launch a weekly acceleration meeting. And in that process you're gonna develop some quick wins, start to really have clarity, move your team in a particular aligned direction, where results are going to occur. New results. Progress. So this one day workshop is a way to lift off quickly, easily. In the process, you're gonna envision a better future. In episodes two through four, you're gonna unleash your core purpose, unlock your company vision and discover what your most needed breakthrough is. Then in episodes five through nine, you're going to build an actionable plan. Actionable is key here, and that's in episodes five through nine. So you're gonna conduct a simple swat. You're going to, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You're gonna design a quarterly map. You're gonna chart your 30 day goals. You're gonna establish key performance indicators and design a weekly dashboard. Okay? So that's all part of the actionable plan. And so it's not just words that you put on a page and then you think about 'em some other day. These are specific things that are gonna help you take action and move forward. And then in the last episode number 10, you're gonna launch the weekly acceleration meeting, which is what's gonna keep it all going. And we're gonna provide you support along the way, and it'll help you to manifest your envision future, and use the same recipe over and over again. So today I invite you to set aside three to five uninterrupted hours to complete the workshop. Do it alone or do it with your team, or have your team do it by themselves, and then meet together and then discuss it. That's a great way to do this. Download the companion workbook. So www dot a force for good. Do biz slash retreat. Go and download the companion workbook and the template and you'll be able to fill it out. You're gonna come together with a one day plan out of this, and you're gonna have a dashboard and, and you'll be able to move everything forward every week. Making progress. One thing I wanna just say about this is the whole force for good system is really about rapid innovation. It's about creating a space where it's safe to try things. Create a draft that's not perfect, and then come back to it and iterate and improve it. So this is designed to help you quickly create a design and a plan and a map, and a future, a breakthrough. And then you're gonna be able to iterate over time. Progress not perfection is the name of the game. And so without further ado, let's go straight on into the first workshop of getting your core purpose in place. All right, here we go. See you in the next episode. Is your business ready to accelerate? Take the Business Acceleration Readiness Assessment today and find out now at www. aforceforgood. biz Take the 5 minute assessment and you will receive an instant response On the four essential areas of alignment needed for business growth, you will also receive four free tools specific to your situation to help you and your team accelerate success right away. So are you ready to find out how ready your business is to accelerate? Go to www. aforceforgood. biz slash quiz and find out what you can do to accelerate impact scale and profit today.