Welcome to the One Day Business Acceleration Retreat!

Welcome to the One-Day Business Acceleration Retreat! This experience is designed to help women founders like you plan and execute the exponential growth of your business.

Only 3% of all women led businesses cross the threshold of generating $1million or more in annual revenues and only 2% are funded through venture capital. 

These statistics are shocking given the women are also known for delivering a higher return on capital and for being better able to handle major disruptors in business.

The One Day Business Acceleration Retreat is your entry-way into breaking through the barriers of exponential growth, by helping you build a purpose-led and visionary plan to inspire your team, while also guiding you to discover specific repeatable actions that will create traction.  More prospects. More customers. More sales.

I am Coco Sellman, five time founder, impact investor, creator of the Force for Good Business System, and your host on this transformative journey.

Women-led business is the most powerful, innovative force in the world. 

With purpose-led leaders like you at the helm, we can lead in both impact and profits. The future of business is women.  This is our time.  Let’s make the world better through business.