Being an Advocate for Change – Julie Castro Abrams

Today we have an extraordinary guest.  A woman moving mountains, helping us break the systemic barriers in the boardroom, raising capital, and claiming their seat as the powerful force for good.

Our guest today is Julie Castro Abrams. 

Julie is the founder and Managing Partner of How Women Invest, an early-stage venture firm focused on high-growth, tech-enabled women-founded enterprises.

With over twenty years as a CEO and board director, Julie brings extensive experience in supporting and identifying early-stage entrepreneurs.

As the CEO of Women’s Initiative for Self Employment, she helped launch a network of over 20,000 successful women-owned businesses.

Julie currently advises the SBA, White House, and Congress on economic opportunities for women.

She is also involved in promoting corporate board diversity and has been a key player in driving legislative initiatives for women’s advancement.

Julie has received numerous awards and recognition for her work and has been featured in several books and media outlets.

Julie has a wonderful podcast:  HowWomenInspire which everyone should check out.

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