Leading with the Decade Game: A Blueprint for Visionary Founders with Carolyn Buck Luce

Welcome the #WomenGetFunded Show! We are dedicated to empowering women founders to shatter barriers of growth and funding for their businesses. Thank you for joining us today as we illuminate the path to unlocking opportunities and prosperity for women-led enterprises.

Today, we have a very special guest for you!  Carolyn Buck Luce, the creator of The Decade Game, and founder of Imaginal Labs.


  • VISIONARY LEADERSHIP INSIGHTS: Learn from Carolyn Buck Luce, a seasoned leader who built a billion-dollar business, as she shares her journey and pivotal career moments.
  • MASTERING LIFE SCIENCES: Discover how Carolyn’s strategic leadership transformed global life sciences at Ernst & Young, setting new benchmarks for success.
  • EPIC LESSONS IN COMMITMENT: Delve into Carolyn’s personal anecdotes and insights inspired by her influential book “Epic,” teaching the power of purpose beyond oneself.
  • THE ART OF BALANCING: Gain insights into the complexities of balancing professional ambitions with personal responsibilities, especially when caring for medically fragile family members.
  • STRATEGIC RELOCATION PLANS: Explore the strategic and personal considerations behind Carolyn and Coco’s upcoming move to New York City, offering a blueprint for major life transitions.
  • DECODING THE DECADE GAME: Unlock the secrets of the Decade Game, a transformative tool designed by Carolyn to help define and invest in your life’s purpose.
  • LEADERSHIP AND THE DECADE GAME: Learn how to apply the Decade Game to your life, turning the next ten years into a tailored journey toward personal and professional fulfillment.
  • DEFINING YOUR STAND: Understand the importance of defining your stand in life, and how this clarity can drive impactful decisions and create a better world.
  • EMPOWERMENT THROUGH CLARITY, COMMITMENT, AND COURAGE: Be inspired by the discussion on how clarity, commitment, and courage are essential for aligning with your purpose and making meaningful contributions.
  • NAVIGATING LIFE WITH VISION AND STRATEGY: Join Coco and Carolyn as they discuss how visionary thinking and strategic planning can address personal challenges and business opportunities alike.



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