Why Impact, Scale, and Profit?

The Force for Good System (FFG System) is an elevated model of leading companies and organizations in building both positive impact and sustainable prosperity.

Three Dimensions of Growth: Impact, Scale and Profit

The FFG System is a game-changing approach for entrepreneurs and leaders who aspire to make a lasting impact while achieving sustainable prosperity.

The FFG System is designed to help you and your team accelerate in the three dimensions that all businesses need to innovate and grow continuously; impact, scale and profit.

impact, scale, profit

These three essential dimensions underpin every successful business’s journey towards innovation and continuous growth.

Why Impact?

Impact is the measure of good you bring to those you serve – customers, employees, partners, your industry, your larger community, and the world at large.

At the center of impact is purpose.  Impact is the measurable progress of a company’s purpose.

  • Impact is the actualization of elevated outcomes and results that demonstrate the good your company is creating in the world.
  • Impact feeds your company and team direction, passion, and a reason beyond profits to go through all the necessary challenges of building a great company.

You and your team will wake up every morning ready to slay the dragons of the day, if you know you are contributing to something meaningful and impactful.

“Businesses that prioritize positive impact aren’t just successful; they’re shaping a better future for all.” – Coco Sellman

At the heart of the FFG System lies the concept of impact, a tangible measure of the positive change your company brings to the world. It’s about serving not just customers, but also employees, partners, your industry, the community, and the planet itself. Impact is the embodiment of your company’s purpose, a clear demonstration of the good it creates. Discover how purpose-driven impact can ignite your team’s passion and motivation, driving them to conquer daily challenges in the pursuit of building a remarkable enterprise with a meaningful vision.

Why Scale?

More for the sake of more is not why scale is important to Force for Good Leaders. Bigger isn’t necessarily better.  Scale within our context is grounded in purpose.

Scale is important for two reasons:

  • First, scale is the manifestation of your vision. It is the realization of what you hope to deliver to the world, en masse.  If you don’t have a big vision, then stop reading right now.  The Force for Good System is not for you.  It is designed for leaders who are unapologetic about the size and scope of the good they envision through their business.
  • Second, scale is required to fund both purpose and prosperity. Without an adequate number of customers or units sold, you will not be able to keep the lights on, let alone hire the brilliant team, implement state-of-the art technology, build the most elegant solutions for customers, provide generous compensation and benefits or pay Founders and Investors a healthy return.

Scaling your business isn’t just about getting bigger; it’s about realizing your vision on a grand scale. Force for Good Leaders understand that scale is intricately linked to purpose. Explore why a bold and ambitious vision is a prerequisite for the FFG System and how scaling is the tangible manifestation of your aspirations. Learn how scaling is not just about reaching more people but also ensuring the financial sustainability needed to fuel your purpose and create lasting impact.

“Scale is not just about building big businesses; it’s about advancing the human race.” – Naveen Jain

Why Profit?

Profit is the life-force of your company.  Profit is the lifeblood of your company, a force that drives prosperity for your team, shareholders, and yourself. Dive into the concept that profit, when harnessed with intention, becomes a powerful force for good. Discover how it fuels innovation, allows for generous compensation and benefits, and empowers you to contribute more to the betterment of the world. Uncover the transformative potential of profit as a vital component of building a lasting purpose-aligned company.

“Profit is the applause you get for creating value through positive impact.” – Paul Hawken

The Trifecta: Impact, Scale and Profit

Impact, scale, and profit are the success trifecta of any business.  They work together synergistically. Here’s how:

  • Impact drives purpose: A clear sense of purpose and a focus on creating a positive impact can motivate employees, attract customers who align with the company’s values, and inspire innovative solutions. Purpose-driven businesses often find it easier to differentiate themselves in the market and build brand loyalty.
  • Scale amplifies impact: As a business grows and scales its operations, its capacity to create a positive impact can increase exponentially. With greater resources, reach, and influence, it can address more significant challenges and effect change on a larger scale.
  • Profit sustains growth: Profitability provides the financial foundation for a business to continue its purpose and scale its impact. It ensures the business’s long-term viability and resilience against economic downturns or unexpected challenges.

In essence, businesses that combine impact, scale, and profit are well-positioned for sustainable growth that benefits not only their bottom line but also society and the environment. This approach aligns with the evolving expectations of consumers, investors, and employees who seek businesses that contribute positively to the world while thriving in the marketplace.

“Profit is not the legitimate purpose of business. The legitimate purpose of business is to provide a product or service that people need and do it so well that it’s profitable.” – James Rouse

Impact, Scale and Profit: Where To Start?

If you’re an entrepreneur with a passion for creating meaningful change, the Force for Good System is your roadmap to building a company that not only thrives but also becomes a driving force for positive impact and sustainable prosperity.

The best place to begin is by jumping into the 1-Day Growth Plan, where you can create a comprehensive 12-month plan in just a few hours.  Embrace the FFG System and awaken each day with renewed determination to slay the dragons of business, armed with purpose, scale, and profit as your trusted allies.


Since 1998, Coco has been on a mission to align business purpose with profit. As a serial entrepreneur and a consultant to founders, Coco has built five companies and supported hundreds of businesses. She is the Founder of Allume Home Care, Co-Owner and board member of All Pointe HomeCare, and creator of A Force for Good. Coco currently serves as the Chair of the Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home, Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee for WorldWide Orphans, Trustee of the Oliver Wolcott Library, and on the Campaign Committee of Kimball Union Academy.